REFINA supply a range of equipment for industrial, automotive and marine trades, including mixing and spray equipment, surface preparation and finishing, drilling and fixing

POWERPREP are a range of specialist application power tools for use in the marine, steel and metal trades


Surface Blasters

The equipment for marine surface preparation includes:

• Surface Blasters • Wheel Scalers • Wire Brushes • ZEC & ATX Abrasives • Superpad Multi Hole Abrasives • Dustex Vacs


There are tools that will handle a variety of surface preparation, refurbishment and repair jobs including removing gelcoat, trimming glass reinforced plastic, prepping steel and pipe joints for anti-corrossion coatings, finishing and cleaning stainless steel, brushing and cleaning aluminium

All are dust free when used with dustex hood and vac

These versatile surface prep power tools are for use in finishing, painting, marine, pipework, bodywork, steel, stainless and metal finishing trades


PowerPrep Equipment

paint stripperPOWERPREP Paint Strippers
• robust and durable power tools • for stripping off paint & coatings • cleaning stainless steel & aluminium • planing & trimming grp • sanding & edging wood & decks


POWERPREP Surface Scalers
• for scabbling gelcoat • keying back paint & coatings • removing adhesive, bitumens & sealants
• descaling marine structures & removing rust • faster than needle guns, dust free unlike shotblasting


Dustex Vacs
• for dust free working control dust at source • range of twin filter vacs
• teflon filters & sub micron Hepa filters • pre-separators for bulk dust collection
• safer & more efficient working areas

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